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Anatomica: The String Quartet Tribute to Tool (2 CD Set)
Catalog #: VIT-1707
The seamless fusion, intense emotion, and haunting sounds of Tool are performed by one of today’s most sophisticated string quartets..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $21.98
Are You Breathing: The String Quartet to Disturbed
Catalog #: VIT-8711
Allow Are You Breathing: The String Quartet Tribute to Disturbed to liberate your mind while violins, viola and cello render classic interpretations of Disturbed's songs..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Back In Baroque: The String Tribute to AC/DC
Catalog #: VIT-8467
Inspired by AC/DC’s classic album, Back in Baroque: The String Tribute to AC/DC features ass-kicking string quartet arrangements featuring violins, viola and cello..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Catalog #: VIT-9207
“Backstock” is a mix of jacking techno and tech-house mixed by international globe-trotter John Tejada. Tejada mixes over an hour of music from his revered Palette Recording.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $16.98
Baroque Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Catalog #: VIT-8736
On In The Chamber with Led Zeppelin, light and dark strains are deeply interwoven to recreate some of Zeppelin’s favorite classic rock epics..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Baroque Tribute to Rush
Catalog #: VIT-8735
The Baroque Tribute to Rush revives the strength and unity that was produced in some of the Bands best work..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Catalog #: VIT-9204
Leonel Castillo (aka Boeing) seduces us from glamorous Buenos Aries, Argentina, with a fresh and organic take on contemporary House music. Boeing's throbbing House rhythms balanc.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $16.98
B-Sides of The String Sessions: The String Quartet Tribute to Dashboard Confessional Volume 2
Catalog #: VIT-9185
These interpretations stand up as great works in their own right....... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
CANU: Corriente de Aire
Catalog #: VIT-9208
Sleek and enticing House music is the specialty of Adrian Valenzuela, aka Canu. He stands in the heart of the incredibly creative and vibrant music scene in Buenos Aires, Argent.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $16.98
Chamber Made: The Baroque Tribute to Tool
Catalog #: VIT-8728
The Baroque Tribute to Tool is a lovingly scored and recorded tribute to one of today’s most honored bands..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Decadence & Vanity: The String Quartet Tribute to Oasis
Catalog #: VIT-8836
The String Quartet Tribute mixes Oasis’ big guitar attack and ear-catching hooks into fiery chamber pieces..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Desire: Piano Tribute To U2
Catalog #: VIT-8937
The Piano Tribute to U2 is an intimate, instrumental portrait of a band that belongs to the world..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Dreams: The String Quartet Tribute to Enya Vol. 2
Catalog #: VIT-8449
The SQT to Enya Vol. 2 is a glorious tribute to this lauded songstress and a celebration of the power and mystery of her music..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Enigmatic: The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead
Catalog #: VIT-8478
Enigmatic: The SQT to Radiohead joins today’s most exciting string ensembles with the music of the most revolutionary popular band of our time..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Exit Stage Right: The String Tribute To Rush
Catalog #: VIT-8567
Exit Stage Right: The String Quartet Tribute to Rush stunningly captures the dynamic and expansive sounds of one of rock ‘n roll's most notable bands..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Finding Beauty In The Dissonance: A Piano Tribute To Tool
Catalog #: VIT-8910
The sparse, stripped down renditions of Tool songs metamorphoses their sonic fury into haunting piano melodies. This piano tribute boils these songs down to their essence and it .... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Funeral: The String Quartet Tribute to My Chemical Romance
Catalog #: VIT-9083
A winning blend of melodic, aggressive rock and dark, acerbic lyrics has earned My Chemical Romance a huge cult following....... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Ghost: The String Quartet Tribute to Death Cab for Cutie
Catalog #: VIT-9103
This is not just a simple tribute to a great band; this package shows that great music truly translates into any genre....... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Girls In Space
Catalog #: VIT-9213
Featuring eleven tracks by some of the world’s most prominent women composers, producers and DJ’s, "Girls in Space" is a sonic journey into distant galaxies of sound and m.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $16.98
Hometown: The String Quartet Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Catalog #: VIT-8678
In The String Quartet Tribute to Springsteen one of today’s most popular string quartets delights listeners with their versions of Springsteen’s biggest hits.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
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