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CD Price: $13.98
Finding Beauty In The Dissonance: A Piano Tribute To Tool

Catalog #: VIT-8910
Release Date: 4/19/2005

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Tool is a band that defies category. While many would say their dark, obsessive, guitar driven sonic attack carries on in the proud tradition that Black Sabbath and Metallica started, others would argue the band revitalized the prog rock movement of the 70s, originally forged by such bands as King Crimson (with whom they eventually toured) and Pink Floyd. In either case Tool broke new ground by fusing these genres in the post punk era of grunge. With their haunting, nihilistically themed albums and epic length songs, Tool was an uncompromising musical tsunami that helped resurrect Metal from its 80ís glam deathbed.

The Piano Tribute to Tool carries the musical exploration that Tool is known for to a deeper level. Here, the sparse, stripped down renditions of Tool songs metamorphoses their sonic fury into haunting piano melodies. This piano tribute boils these songs down to their essence and it is in this state that one grows a greater understanding of what makes Tool the band they are: an unflinching exploration of the darker side of life and art. Sit down, settle in, and press play, itís a hell of a ride.

Tributed Artists:
The Patient
Ticks & Leeches
10  Arkís Hammer, (Original Track)
Vitamin String Quartet
String Quartet
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