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CD Price: $13.98
The String Tribute To The Who's Tommy

Catalog #: VIT-8692
Release Date: 7/23/2002

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The idea of a rock opera has been attempted by many esteemed musical entities (Queen, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie to name a few), but nothing can really replace the original manifestation made in 1969.

The hottest recordings of Tommy, were recorded live at Woodstock, Monterey Pop, and in pieces, on “Live at Leeds.” Now we have a wonderful, new adaptation of The Who's classic rock opera. It is the fabulous performance by The Section, led by Eric Gorfain, that gives this effort a lush quality. The performance is perfection. “Overture” and “Amazing Journey” will engulf you with their intellect and energy. These people really understand what Pete Townshend & company crafted, there're not simply playing notes. Give a listen to the cut entitled the "Underture," which sounds just breathtaking! "TOMMY" still stands today as a landmark album in the history of rock. There has been a film version and a broadway show. This recording will be remembered as a definitive version. Now the amazing journey is complete!

 Amazing Journey/Sparks
Pinball Wizard
 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
 Smash the Mirror
 I'm Free
10  Welcome
Vitamin String Quartet
String Quartet
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