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CD Price: $13.98
Shape and Colour of My Heart: TheString Quartet Tribute to Foo Fighters

Catalog #: VIT-8986
Release Date: 6/21/2005

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After the phenomenal Nirvana circus, you could have gotten great odds against Dave Grohl fronting another hugely successful band. After all, so few drummers have stepped out from behind the kit to take the lead role. Grohl has managed to do so however and with his band’s debut album he gave the world ample evidence of his own songwriting capabilities. Songs such as “I’ll Stick Around” and “Big Me” propelled the Foo Fighters up the charts and Grohl has continued to net hit songs, proving his initial work to be no fluke. A musical alchemist, Grohl is able to combine pop, punk, bone –crunching rock, and heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics with stunning results.

The catchy hooks of Foo Fighters songs are well suited to string arrangements. A collective of talented musicians utilize cello, viola and violins to take Dave Grohl’s music to majestic new heights; ‘Everlong’ and ‘Learn to Fly’ take on anthemic qualities that are surprising and beautiful. This re-issue of “The String Quartet Tribute to Foo Fighters” also includes two brand new interpretations of classic tracks ‘Monkey Wrench’ and ‘My Hero’.

Tributed Artists:
Foo Fighters
 Big Me
 All My Life
 Have It All
 Times Like These
 I’ll Stick Around
 Learn To Fly
This Is A Call
10  My Hero
11  Monkey Wrench
12  Anytime
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String Quartet
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